The United Professional Barbers and Cosmetologists Association

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Annual Membership


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Membership Fees

Professionals/Student Rate- $160 paid annually

Annual membership starts the month in which you join. Membership is open to licensed barbers and cosmetologists as well as students including: hairdressers, barbers, and all other appearance enhancement professionals. 

Professional Membership Benefits

Life Insurance



  • $5,000.00 Life Insurance Policy* 
  • Annual Hearing Test and discount pricing on hearing aids 

Legal Services



  • Legal Services i.e. writing wills, rental/booth agreements, etc. 
  • Identity Theft Protection



  • Community Outreach Opportunities
  • Networking and Leadership Opportunities (via UPBCA Listerve) 

Continuing Education


  • State board Preparation & Review
    • Barbering
    • Cosmetology


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why should I join the Union of Professional Barbers and Cosmetologist Association, Inc.?

A. You should join Because UPBCA Inc., in order to continue honing your craft; have access to opportunities for social and economic growth; ensure that you have the proper insurances and legal paperwork to ease the burden of any financial difficulties resulting from potential theft, illnesses, catastrophes, or even death; and to learn from seasoned professionals in your industry.     

Q. I am not licensed in New York state, can I still join UPBCA Inc.?

A.Yes. It is the hope of UPBCA, Inc., to help you navigate the process of gaining proper licensing through classes and our members’ experience. 

Q. What will happen after I join UPBCA Inc.?

A. After your application is received and processed your UPBCA Inc., benefits will begin by the first day of the following month. 

Q. Is membership in UPBCA, Inc., only open to barbers and cosmetologists?

A. Membership to UPBCA Inc., is open to all appearance enhancement professionals, including, but not limited to: barbers, cosmetologists, estheticians, nail technicians,  makeup artists, etc. 

Q. Is UPBCA, Inc., an enforcement organization?

A. UPBCA Inc., is not an enforcement or licensing organization. The mission of UPBCA Inc., is to provide advocacy, training and enhancement services, as well as outreach opportunities for local beauty and appearance enhancement professionals. 

Q. Is UPBCA a union?

A. No. UPBCA Inc., is a 501(c) 6 organization. 

Q. As a member of UBPCA Inc., am I responsible for paying dues?

A. As a member of UPBCA Inc., you are not responsible for paying dues. Instead, UPBCA Inc., members pay annual fees. 

Q. Can I establish a payment plan for my UPBCA Inc., annual fees?

A. No. In order to be an active member of UBPCA Inc., annual fees must be paid in full.

Q. Although I am not interested in joining UPBCA Inc., I’d like to support the organization. How can I support UPBCA Inc?

A. You can support UPBCA Inc., through your monetary donations. 


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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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